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About Alkmaar

Alkmaar is a lively town and only half an hour away from Hotel Oostzaan. It is perfect for a day out. Not just in terms of a visit to the cheese market and to enjoy the historic ambiance, but also for shopping; Alkmaar boasts the finest shops! Enjoy the great museums and events, including the Wandel4Daagse Alkmaar and Kaeskoppenstad!


Alkmaar is a lively, easily accessible town and only half an hour away from Hotel Oostzaan. Alkmaar has always been and will always be the Dutch town of cheese, but it is much more than just that.

The town has been one of the best shopping towns within the Netherlands for years. On a stroll through town, during which you will pass many monuments you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the old town centre. A gem of a town and only 15 minutes from the North Sea beach.

Fancy shopping, having a drink or visiting a museum?
Day of shopping? Alkmaar has been one of the 3 best shopping towns in the Netherlands for quite a few years now. In addition to the large department stores and store chains, Alkmaar has numerous fun boutiques andspecial shops that are located in the historic buildings and alleys.

Take your time and indulge in the food offered by many restaurant down town and outside the city centre. It varies from Japanese to French food and from pubs serving food to luxurious restaurants.

Mental nourishment is offered at the theatre, popstage, cinema or at one of the museum. Alkmaar has the Dutch Cheese museum, (open through November 3 on weekdays and open throughout the year from 10.00h/10 am - 16.00h/4 pm.m on Saturdays), the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, the Beer museum de Boom and the Beatles museum. After a comprehensive renpvation, the Stedelijk Museum has opened its door again, presenting the impressive exhibition: The Golden Age of Alkmaar'.

A walk past monuments
Boasting over a 1000 monuments, Alkmaar breathes history. De Waag (weighhouse), in its original state, dating back to the 14th century, the town hall (Stadhuis) from the 16th century, the Grote St. Laurenskerk church and and the many courts of almhouses, facades and canals define the town's specific appearance. A sight seeing tour is certainly worthwhile. The tourist information VVV in het Waaggebouw has the description of the route. Enjoy the tour that will last one and a haf hours and will lead you to the finest spots. The children are offered a fun hunt, the "Alkmaar Code" and there is even a route for the smart phone.